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The following list shows typical industries and applications in which our precision grinding, lapping, polishing and advanced materials processing equipment is commonly used.

With the persistent demand for safer, more reliable, and more economical cars, the automotive industry looks for creative solutions. The ability to engineer increasingly intricate components with cost-effective methods is vital to meeting these demands. Our knowledge and experience at PSS can find a turn-key solution for your production requirements and standards.

Automotive applications:

  • air bag initiators
  • fuel pump components
  • a/c compressor systems
  • fuel injection systems
  • transmission plates & spacers
  • power steering components
  • anti-lock braking systems
  • windshield wiper motors
  • precision piston rings
  • air brake components
  • con-rod connectors
  • fluid sensors
  • engine heads
  • tractor mud seals
  • mirror mounts
  • alternator armatures
  • valve lifters

The aerospace industry is known for constant innovation. Aircraft components are looked at and reimagined in ways that aim to make the components more reliable, more cost-effective and more fuel-efficient. We offer our customers critical competitive advantages with our innovative machines, helping to create and refine a wide range of components. PSS’ family of brands are known for their reliability in creating increasingly complex products that meet the rigorous standards of precision in the industry.

Aerospace applications:

  • seal & bearing rebuilding
  • hydraulic systems
  • precision piston rings
  • turbine engine fan components
  • fuel metering devices
  • compartment sealing rings

1. Bearings are used in virtually every kind of machinery or equipment ranging from household appliances to aerospace equipment. The one thing that is consistent across all of these uses is that customers want their bearings to have less friction and a longer service life all while staying cost-efficient. PSS can provide you with machining that can create specialized bearing solutions that meet different industry-specific requirement and challenges.

2. Bearings are used in nearly all motion applications. The evolution of the bearing industry drives innovation and creation of new technologies to keep up with demand. Precision Surfacing Solutions and our family of brands engineer machines that allow you to create precise, smooth, and strong bearings and components for all industry requirements.

Bearings applications:

  • precision bearing races
  • ball bearings
  • motor bearings
  • thrust shoes
  • precision miniature bearings

Durability is a coveted attribute in the modern manufacturing industry, precise coatings and castings can help prolong that durability. In order to gain an edge in the coating and casting industries, one must be consistently enhancing their standards for wear resistance and anti-corrosiveness. Our innovative machines offer the ability to meet these standards while also staying cost-efficient. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, PSS can craft a tailormade solution that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Coatings & Castings applications:

  • pre & post anodized surfaces
  • first reference surface
  • die & sand castings
  • DLC coatings
  • CVD coatings
  • nitride coatings

Compound semiconductors are a key contributor to technological innovation that has occurred in the 21st century. The improvements necessary to continue innovating are less power consumption, low price, and reduced heat dissipation. Precision Surfacing Solutions can help you make these improvements by providing custom and effective solutions.

Compound Semiconductor applications:

  • sapphire
  • silicon carbide
  • gallium nitride
  • indium phosphide
  • aluminum nitride
  • indium nitride
  • III-V nitrides
  • CVD multi-material wafers

Regulation of the flow of air and liquids, an essential component to all of the manufacturing sector, is accomplished by the compressor and valve industries. These components must be increasingly more cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and wear-resistant to stand out in an extremely competitive market. Our machines can give you these crucial competitive advantages.

Compressors/Valves applications:

  • compressors
  • safety release valves
  • gate valves
  • valve covers
  • pressure sensors
  • separator cover

The modern manufacturing world increasingly necessitates precision, so when crafting cutting tools and knives, an emphasis on exactness is required. Even something as small as a slight temperature can impact that precision, and any interruptions or delays in part production can be catastrophic. Permit PSS to be your partner in precision. We’re ready to work with you to craft a tailormade solution to ensure your cuts are as precise as possible.

Cutting Tools/Knives applications:

  • gasket dies
  • food processing
  • slitter knives
  • PCD inserts
  • carbide inserts
  • ceramic inserts
  • clipper blades
  • meat grinding blades & plates

Data storage is quickly turning into a lucrative industry as everything is recorded and stored into one database. With the growth comes challenges; customers continually want to minimize the amount of space the storage takes up while maximizing how much data it can hold. Trying to optimize something as small as data storage components is exceptionally difficult. This is where we at Precision Surfacing Solutions come in, where our incredibly precise machines can make working with the components painless. PSS’ turn-key solutions will allow you to tap into the data storage industry.

Data Storage applications:

  • AlSiMag wafer processing
  • read-write heads
  • bars
  • plate charging
  • tape heads
  • wafer reclaim
  • wafer thinning
  • undercoat polish
  • overcoat polish
  • glide burnish heads
  • media (disks) thinning
  • media (disks) texturing
  • optical memory disks

Wherever a high-quality look is vital, we are part of the game. Exclusive brands trust our expertise and thus ensure that the manufacturing process lays the foundation for the outstanding customer experience at the point of sale-spots.

  • display cover glass
  • phone enclosures
  • internal magnets
  • camera lenses
  • watch enclosures
  • pre & post anodized surfaces (consumer electronics)

Well-known and thought-leading research institutes, universities, and technical colleges use our applications when reaching the next level for challenging tasks is the goal. And even here it’s
the same story - we feel comfortable with providing standard applications as well as with delivering custom-made research work out-of-the-box


  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • CMP
  • metallographic Sample Preperation

The electro optics industry is built around precision and exactness. Any slight flaw in the material and the light will scatter or bounce off in the wrong direction. There is an emphasis on making the materials as flat and as smooth as possible. Our machines will help solve this problem for you, while also keeping cost-effectiveness in mind, allowing for the production of the best possible product.

Electro Optics applications:

  • Lithium Niobate wafers
  • Zinc Selenide
  • YAG laser rods
  • LED crystals
  • plano optics
  • spherical optics
  • optical prisms
  • Calcium Fluoride detector lens
  • Sodium Fluoride detector lens
  • laser mirrors

Seals are a small, but a very important part of a functioning mechanical system; without them, an entire system has an increase in energy consumption and fluid loss. The mechanical seals and sealing surfaces face large problems though; reducing fluid loss while increasing durability all the while keeping everything cost-effective. PSS’ knowledge and experience can assist you through these challenges and create a solution specific for you.

Mechanical Seals & Sealing Surfaces applications:

  • carbide seals
  • ceramic seals
  • gas seals
  • carbon seals
  • carbon graphite seals
  • PEAK plastic seals
  • rotary unions

Absolute precision in machining quality is a prerequisite for the production of devices which improve someone’s life. PSS and our family of brands can develop the necessary engineering technologies to meet the highest standards. Our machines are known for their process reliability, precision, and cost-effectiveness—making them the first choice in the development of medical devices.

Medical Devices applications:

  • heart valves
  • knee replacements
  • hip replacements
  • ophthalmic lens
  • pacemaker case
  • hearing aid cases & chips
  • ultrasound equipment
  • surgical instruments

For an industry based around minuscule products, the MEMS and NEMS industry face some colossal challenges. Doing anything with those products requires an excessive amount of precision and meticulousness. Engineers at PSS put an emphasis on detailed accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. You can trust Precision Surfacing Solutions to come up with a solution for your challenges—no matter the size.

MEMS/NEMS applications:

  • copper wafer
  • nickel wafer
  • silicon wafer
  • SiC wafer

The optic industry can be varied and challenging. Minute changes in acids, process chemicals, and random batch variability can compromise surface quality, leading to defective products. PSS has the knowledge and experience to help eliminate flaws in your products. We can make your lenses the most precise and polished on the market.

Optics applications:

  • LCD displays
  • photo mask
  • flat panel displays
  • Plasma Display Panels
  • fused quartz
  • BK7 glass
  • Zerodur components
  • optical flats
  • avionics gyros
  • optical mirrors
  • telescope lens
  • copy machine mirrors
  • sapphire read lens
  • fiber optic connectors
  • photo copier lens
  • sapphire watch crystals
  • precision camera lens
  • optical filters

Pumps often work in hostile environments, with heat, steam, grease, and grime all around them. This makes life tough for the pump industry to increase energy and cost-efficiency. We offer our knowledge and experience to help find solutions to give you a competitive advantage. PSS and our family of brands has a wide range of reliable machines which guarantee precision despite a harsh setting.

Pumps applications:

  • impeller pump vanes
  • hydraulic gear pumps
  • remanufacturing services

The development of new technologies is rapid and the semiconductor industry has to try and keep up. They need to constantly improve their power consumption and heat dissipation while still remaining cost-effective. PSS offers customized solutions for high-precision surface processing technology of wafers and substrates which help you set the pace.

Semiconductors applications:

  • silicon devices
  • germanium devices
  • GaAs devices
  • CZT wafers
  • SOS wafers
  • circuit testing wafers
  • GGG wafers
  • gold-plated metrology test wafers

Some products are so unique they don’t fit into one category. This makes manufacturing difficult as everything must be tailor-made for that product. The knowledge and experience PSS and our family of brands has is extensive. We at PSS are confident that a turn-key solution can be developed that works for your product, no matter how unique.

Specialty Materials/Products applications:

  • granite surface plates
  • fiber optic bundles
  • currency mint dies
  • jewelry
  • pendants & medals
  • precious stones
  • lapidary rocks & minerals
  • zinc oxide surge protectors
  • aluminum heat sinks
  • concrete core sections
  • hardness test blocks
  • micrometer anvils and tips
  • specimen preparation
  • gage blocks
  • printed circuit boards
  • microscope slides
  • dice
  • jade tiles
  • Integrated circuit (I.C.) boxes
  • brake pads
  • I.C. vacuum chuck retaining rings

The use of solar power is still an important part of a sustainable and trendsetting energy mix. Our machines help to produce the optimal use of energy fields and, in addition to the best feed-in conditions, ensure a homogeneous look on the roof-top. Not only is the sun smiling.

  • monocrystalline silicon
  • wafering
  • ingot cropping
  • polycrystalline wilicon wafering

Advanced ceramic materials make applications possible today that were virtually inconceivable just yesterday. To continue that trend, the technical ceramic industry must increase its robustness and high-temperature stability while retaining cost-efficiency. We at PSS can help you overcome these challenges with our innovative machines all while providing a solution for years to come.

Technical Ceramics applications:

  • diaphragm sensors
  • alumina ceramics
  • silicon nitride ceramics
  • ceramic vias
  • alternative data storage media
  • piezo ceramic applications
  • ferrite bars, heads and coils
  • valve dispensers
  • blood pump filters
  • heat sinks
  • microwave substrates
  • thermoelectric devices
  • I.C. vacuum chucks

The tool and die industries are highly specialized; the process is distinguished by its small batches and short rollover times. Recently, dies have become progressively more complex with harder materials. PSS’ engineers can provide you with flexible solutions which maintain cost-effectiveness, allowing you to machine a superior product at a lower cost.

Tool & Die applications:

  • cd molds
  • plastic injection dies
  • can top dies
  • gasket dies
  • extrusion dies