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Metallurgical Lab Products

Metallurgical Laboratory Products

Diamond Tool and Abrasives, Inc. has been providing the metallurgical market our top quality abrasive cut- off wheels for over 30 years. Available in diameters up to 20” and bond systems including calendared rubber, resin rubber, and resin, you can feel secure that Diamond Tool and Abrasives can give you a burn free cut on any material.

In addition to our abrasive cut-off wheels our product line also includes abrasive paper, polishing cloth, diamond compound and slurries, alumina powders and slurries, molding compounds and many other products.

We have one of the largest inventories of cut-off wheels in the industry so if you have any immediate need for abrasives or have questions that need technical expertise call our help desk at 800-722-2550 or 847-888-8850. Our customer service staff will be happy to help and, if needed, will put you in contact with one of our outside sales application engineers.

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